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late auto claim

by Jeff S
(Seattle, Wa)

About a year ago my wife side-swiped a big rock on her 2004 Lexus E300 and tore up the passenger side door. She was embarrassed about it and did not file a claim on the insurance (Pemco), nor did we have it repaired. I want to go ahead and file a claim and get it fixed, but do not know if it is too late. We have always carried full coverage on the car, nor has it ever lapsed. Is there any reason to assume the insurance company will hassle us about this?


The insurance company will ask you why did it take soo long to report. Being embarrassed is the number one cause people do not file claim like this one, so they will understand. It is very helpful that you have full coverage and you have been this long with this one carrier.

It will show that you are not trying to change circumstances around the loss. (Like you hit a deer, a comprehensive claim at lower deductible, than an actual collision to an object).

So just tell them what happened and you should not have any problems. They will inquire and that is about it.

Good Luck,


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Nov 21, 2007
by: Anonymous


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