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Late car crashed reported.

by Roman
(Brooklyn, NY)

I had an accident over a month ago. my car was parked and trying to get out from the parking space by accident I touched the car in front of me. but I just messed up the bumper on the corner.

The owner never contacted me since I am always in my girlfriend's home. The car owner never contacted my girlfriend as well. but lately, two people approached me saying they are the brother of the car owner and they will take me to court.

I still haven't seen the car owner. So does he still have a claim?


Hello Roman,

Yes, most likely.

If you hit that vehicle, then have to pay for the damages. Passage of time will only work if the claim is made against you past the statute of limitations (in some states as short as two years, but you need to check for NY).

However, you can tell them you will deal directly with the owner and not the brother. There is no way to know that this person is really a "brother" and that you might be paying the wrong person.

Talk to them and have the owner talk to you. Then file an insurance claim so the adjuster can investigate the claim and see how much you owe.

If they want to take you to court, they will have to file and then serve you. At that point you really need to have your insurance company notified.

Good Luck,

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