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Least expensive route with the ins co

by Linda

Being the defendant in a minor fender bender, whos vehicle was neither insured or registered.(Was moving vehicle 2.7 miles for continued repairs).

No injuries were sustained and vehicle damage was very minor with plaintiff(approx. 15in. x 5.5 in dent in the rear upper quarter panel of truck)Could I possibly handle this without going to court; perhaps dealing with the ins. co. itself ?


Hi Linda,

Yes you could. You can talk to the insurance company and try to arrange payments and ask to review all the documents to see what are you paying for. Make sure they are not billing you things you are not supposed to pay for (like prior damage) or anything like that.

Most insurance companies are pretty good about dealing with you directly. If they don't, you might just split and leave them holding the bag. They have a strong incentive to help you pay them back.

Good Luck,

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