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Left turn accident question

by Rollie
(Tazwell Co. Illinois)

I was driving down a two lane road,(1 in each dir). And am looking for a particular address.

I slow down to crawl when I see the house I need, just to see that its a corner house with the driveway off the side street not the main road.. so i creep up with my turn signal on and start to turn into a neighboring driveway.

I turn wide, habit from driving hundreds of thousands of miles in semi, a habit I seem to use in my personal car as well.. mid way through my turn I suv hits me from behind the impact is centered on back drivers side door..

The officer that arrived to the seen asked how my car got damaged on the back drivers side and i told her i swung out when i turned. when she wrote the accident report she put me in the spot light for contributing factors of the crash.. Improper turn as 1 and improper lane usage as the other.. completely left out the suv..

Now is this right?

Did I cause this suv to crash into my car.. mid day, turn signal on and i'm driving a blue Alero.. How could he not of seen me?

Or was the officer just playing favorites, the man that hit me was a local court bailiff.


Hello Rollie,

Well, just because an officer attributes some circumstances to you, it does not mean you are 100% at fault.

Making a left turn puts some duties on you (i.e., blinker), it also requires to make it properly and not go so wide as to suggest that maybe you making a right?

It's a matter of perception. The driver behind you, however, has an absolute duty to see you and stop. It's likely that they are more at fault that you, if not all.

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Good Luck,

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