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left turn liability question

by christi
(contra costa county)

Two southbound lanes and 2 northbound lanes are separated by a center turn lane. Car (A) is southbound in the furthest lane from the center turn lane. Car (B) is northbound stopped in the center turn lane waiting for traffic to clear before turning left.

The first Sb lane closest to the center turn lane is at a stop due to a polite driver not blocking a car wash entrance due to traffic further. He does the polite thing not to block the driveway to the car wash. After waiting for the second lane to clear car B proceeds across both lanes making a left at the speed of 5 to 10 mph.

Car (A) comes from another lane and hits car (B)? Car (A) states she was never made a lane change and that car (B) turned 25' in front of her and that she was traveling at the rate of 27mph and didn't have time to stop. A witness support that car (B) was cautiously creeping through both lanes after waiting for traffic to clear when from out of no where car (A) strikes car (B) and that she was going way to fast for the traffic conditions. She is further a new driver illegally driving on a provisional license with passengers under the age of 18.She is driving her friends parents car who is out of state on vacation.

Who is at fault? Which car would be the striking vehicle? Where would the damage be to each vehicle?


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Nov 05, 2007
Good Question
by: Hector

Good Question. Remember, the answer is only a general one. Check your state statutes for more information.

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