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Let Friend Drive Truck | Coverage?

by Matt

a few months back I let a friend that needed a truck have mine for a few hours, my friend got in a at fault wreak, I live in SC and had only liability.

My friend has her own car and own insurance policy, I'm pretty sure it just liability also.

I understand my insurance company is going to pay the damages to the other car but not my truck (which is totaled) should my truck be covered under my friends insurance? S

hould my friends insurance be reasonable for any of the other person’s car?


Hello Matt,

It is difficult to give you a 100% for sure answer to this without looking at the specific policies.

Your insurance company is probably on the hook paying 100% damages caused by him to the other car. His insurance company will not pay your insurance company or the other person unless your insurance company limit is exhausted first. This means that your insurance company acts as primary and his as secondary.

Your truck will probably will not be covered at all. His insurance company transfer coverages to him as if he was the insured driver, which would not have coverage for to the actual auto. Again, this depends on exactly how his policy reads and what the definition of "non own auto" reads. It is possible that there is coverage there. Most insurance policies however do exclude your situation.

Request both policies (your friend will have to ask for his) and visit:
on how to read a policy. This will guide your interpretation of the language. Again there might be coverage for you.

Good Luck,

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