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Liability Insurance , rear end collision

Rear ended by a driver of a truck ( not his truck) and the driver did not have insurance.

I have only Liability on my vehicle have police report, what happens now?

Am I stuck with the repair bills now?



Maybe. You have at least two sources of coverage here.

1. The auto insurance of the vehicle. If the owner insures this car (liability), then there is a strong possibility that you would be covered. If the owner did not insured the car, then

2. you can seek the insurance of driver (if he has a car, and he insures that car -even if it is not the same car in the accident, that policy may provide coverage for you).

3. You can sue the driver to pay you for your damages.

4. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, your insurance might cover you.

Other than that, you can end up paying for your own repairs.

Good Luck,

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