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Lien vs contracted physician payments

by Kathy
(Las Vegas, NV)

I was involved in an automobile accident. I was treated for neck and back injuries. The specialists stated that the neck injury was due to the accident, however they said that the back injury was preexisting. I signed a lien, etc.

The settlement that I received covered only the neck injury.

The treatments were separated and the neck surgery and treatments were paid out of the settlement proceeds.

The physicians that treated me (who are under contract with my provider) stated that since they have a "lien", that they want full payment and will not abide by the terms of the agreement/accepting discount write-off that they had previously signed with my employer (which was signed first) or they will sue me.

Am I legally obligated to pay them full price for my back treatments?


Hello Kathy,

This is a very complex question and without looking at the documents that you signed and the original agreement, I cannot possible answer this question.

You need to talk to an attorney about this.

Good Luck,
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