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Little boy failed to yield to a stop sign | fault?

by Rose

A little boy failed to yield to a stop sign in the neighborhood and before I could react the rightside of my vehicle hit the backside of his back causing him to eject. No citation given to me, but to his parents can I now be held liable for his injury.


Hi Rose,

I am sorry you are in this situation. It is hard when you are dealing with something like this.

The answer is maybe. You could be liable. Not because you did anything wrong (on the facts that you gave me), but because courts and juries really feel bad for the pedestrian. A pedestrian v. Car hit does not look very good on the driver, particularly when the pedestrian is a child.

Please understand, I am not trying to scare you. Your insurance company has a duty to protect you at all cost. It sounds like you were not negligent so you do not have to be worry about it. Do report this claims to your insurance company as soon as you can (your probably did this already).

They will take care of any thing in case something does come up later on. This is the type of situation were you simply want to be careful.

I hope this helps and that the child is doing okay

Good Luck,

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