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Loss of use | am I entitled to this compensation?

My husband was in a car accident and it was totally the other driver's fault for not stopping at a stop sign (noted in police report).

The insurance company says the car is a total loss, but are dragging their feet to pay us for our car.

We are without a vehicle and have to pay for our daughter to stay at someone else's house so that she can get to school. Does the insurance company have to pay us for loss of use of our vehicle in the state of PA?



Yes, loss of use is owed to you by the person who hit your or their insurance company. Put them on notice that this is the case and try to get into a vehicle.

Remember that you will have a duty to mitigate your damages, and this will be critical for you and very important in your case. If are losing money because of the accident, the must put you bank in the position you were prior the impact.

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