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Loss of Wages Claim

by crai
(flagstaff, az USA)

i live in the state of Arizona; parked car was damaged on the front bumper which was repaired by Geico insurance for appx 1000 dollars; they also paid for my rental of appx 70 dollars; i spent over 3 1/2 hours of my time organizing the pick-up/repair of my vehicle....
I informed the insurance company i wish to be compensated for my lost wages and filed a e-mail report to them...they have denied my claim of 350 dollars...for my efforts etc....please advise what i should do? There individual says in the state of Arizona not a reimbursable expense...
Help! thanks so much

Unfortunately no. I understand what you are saying. You spent 3 ½ hours messing around and getting your car fixed, and you should not be put on that position. You have no fault on this accident and you are being penalized.
Most insurance companies will not compensate your loss wages for property damage claims only. You have to be injured to be compensated for that. Even then, you must show that you actually lost wages (show time sheets that you were not on the clock and that the wages were reduced).
You could try to take the person that cause the damage to small claims court, but there you would have to show the same thing. That those three hours were lost at work (you did not get compensated), and that you were actually dealing with your car accident, not doing something else. The standard is pretty difficult, but it is about the only thing you can try.
I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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