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Make Whole Doctrine vs. Michigan "No-Fault Law"

by Kerrie

I was hit by a driver who ran a red light, and although his insurance paid my collision deductible, I'm being told by his insurance that, under Michigan No-Fault Law, he is not responsible for reimbursement of car rental costs or lost wages, yet I have read about this
"Make Whole Doctrine" that says if someone's neglect causes damage, they are responsible for paying costs incurred due to those damages.

So, which is it? Can I ask for car rental costs and lost wages in small claims court?


Hello Kerrie,

Well, the Make Whole Doctrine is a notion of law. It applies to all states, unless the state modifies its treatment on the state code. Michigan has made its jurisdiction a no fault, which means, you cannot held another person liable for SOME damages.

You may not have rights but you could. You do need to talk to a Michigan lawyer for more information on that.

Good Luck,
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Spokane Washington

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