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Making a left hand turn but she lied about where she was

by Tracey

I was making a left hand turn during a yellow light while I was traveling north bound.

A girl I saw traveling westbound struck my car. I assumed that she was a fault because me having a yellow light meant she had a red light however when the cop came to talk to me he said it was my fault because she claims she was driving south bound and I turned out in front of her.

The cop even informed me that one guy told him the same thing I did that she was traveling westbound, and he still stays it’s my fault how can that be.

Answer to Making a left hand turn but she lied about where she was:

Hello Tracey,

A yellow light makes you slow down and only proceed with caution. If you had a yellow light, you have negligence, at least to some degree.

The bigger issue here is that it appears that there is a witness (the one guy) who corroborated her side of the story. This will not help you at all. You have a yellow light, one witness against you, and now a police report documenting it all.

It will very hard, if possible at all to change an adverse decision without new evidence. An independent witness would be great. Do you know if anyone else saw the accident happen? If you do not, then it will be very hard to fight something like this.

Good Luck

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