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Medical bills, loss wages, and other expenses

My insurance has paid 80% of my medical bills. The other persons insurance is state farm, they paid my car off because it was totaled.

Will they give me a hard time about paying for the remainder of bills. i sent them the bills and my doctors reports, how long will it take?

Will they also pay lost wages?



Uhm, why has your insurance only paid 80% of your bills? If you have PIP and/or Med pay, you should be paid 100% so as the bills are reasonable and necessary and you do not exceed the limit.

If they are paying for the total loss, the are accepting liability, which probably means that you are not at fault. Also, sounds like they are paying 100% of the total loss, so they should reimburse back for 100% of wages, medical bills, and medicine.

They can take up to two years to pay, it depends on your statute of limitations and if your decide to settle early.

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