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Medical insurance question

by Matthew

I was rear ended about 2 weeks ago. went to the doctors and they gave me some medicine. so i was still a little sore but not too much and talked to the adjuster over the phone on this monday.

She offered me X amount of money, not much, and she said she would send the release for me to sign and send back to get the check. now my neck is still sore and not getting better, so can i call up and be like i would like to get checked out before i sign any releases?

Thanks in advance,



Hello Matthew

No, you are doing exactly what its best for you. Usually, injuries appear or flare up couple of days after the accident. Insurance companies try to settle sometimes over the phone (in a recording) that you agree to settle for certain amount of money.

They want to do this because that way you cannot do what you just did (wait for problems to flare up).

Call the adjuster and tell them exactly that you are not feeling okay, and that you will go in to get check out. This will secure your rights.

If you are okay later on, then you can reconsider your situation and settle. If you are not, then the insurance company will still have to pay for all your reasonable medical expenses until you recover.

Good Luck,

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