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Medical records to send to adjuster

by Mark

I am trying to settle an auto accident claim that occured Dec 08 in which I had a soft tissue injury to the head.

The other insurance company has admitted liability for the accident. I declined to sign an authorization release for them to obtain my medical records info and submitted all info myself including demand letter, itemized statements and final narrative reports from two doctors.

The insurance company wants me to send all medical reports including notes etc. I have obtained a complete copy of all records from the doctor and want to send info that's only pertaining to and after the date of the accident.

The records are only a page long for each visit and some of the notes that the doctor transcribed during each visit was inaccurate.

Things that I stated to him and advice given to me were not accurately noted in his records. My question is even though this was almost a year ago do i have to send these records with incorrect info to the adjuster as is? The records are only a few paragraphs long for each visit.


Hello Mark,

I am sorry for the delay. Nope, you are doing it correctly. In fact, that is how attorneys do it. You do not have to release your medical records if you do not want them for any reason at all (the records do not support your claim).

This is the reason that attorneys do it, they get the records, read them and then only submit what they believe helps you. You are entitled to do this. Some insurance companies will give you a very hard time regarding submitting bills without submitting notes. They usually will not pay for a bill if they do not see a record. However, you can only exclude some.

Read this article regarding head injuries

and this one about injuries as a whole

In your case, (although it will be hard), go talk to your doctor and have them review what they wrote. Make them correct the mistakes. Are you glad you caught them now? The insurance company would have use them against you.

Remember that head injuries are difficult to deal with, make sure you educate yourself (or talk to a lawyer) before going forward.

Good Luck,

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