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Minimal damage hit and run claim

What is the process if one is accused of scratching someone's bumper (one 1/4 inch scratch - very minimal)and they call the police with your license plate number saying you fled the scene? And what if it is not your car?

This is in California.


Well, fault must be established against you. If you were driving the car at the time, and the car is insured, the insurance company of the car will have to do an investigation regarding coverage and regarding if you actually caused this damage.

If they determine that there is coverage, then they will have to pay only the amount that was proven.

Two insurance companies (maybe three) will be involved in this process. The insurance company of the person making the claim against you might get involved and try to put fault on you. They will only do this if they have collision coverage and the damages are above their deductible.

The insurance company of the vehicle you were driving will have to defend you (if you were using the car with permission and you were not excluded from the policy).

If there is no coverage for you there (you were excluded from that policy), your insurance policy in your own auto might provide coverage for this loss (making this the third insurance company).

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