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Minor accident - My insurance not helping?

by Liliana

A few weeks ago i got in to a minor accident with some damages to my car no damages to the other car. The other driver was at fault.

I file a claim with my insurance hoping that they would take care the process of getting my car fix by filling a claim with the other insurance company, but to my supprise they told me i had to call the other insurance file claim and have the other insurance pay for the damages.

I'm aware that the other drivers insurance has to pay for the damages, but dosent my insurance have to take care of the following up and make the other insurance pay the the damages. Aslo the drivers insurance does not want to pay for the repair because it not the drivers car, its his wife but is register under her mother name. What do i do?


Hello Liliana,

There might be some coverage damages there. The people that are most likely to be at fault for the accident (that have to pay) are the mother (if she is the owner) and/or the driver (the husband).

The insurance company could keep giving you the run around until you get a letter saying that here is no coverage at all. In this situation, you should consider talking to an attorney. They can help you investigate this and get to the bottom of who should pay for this.

I hope this helps, and I am sorry you are in this situation.

Good Luck,

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