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Minor Car Accident, What to do?

by Marty

I pulled out of a side road and dented the wing of a car. I told him i would fix it with out going through the insurance.

The police were not called.

I am a body repairman he wants to take it to some one else and is looking to much money.

if he wont let me fix his car myself do i have to pay for it.

There was no insurance exchanged.


Hello Marty,

Yes, he can go to a reasonable cost repair facility. You cannot require him to have you fix his car. He is entitle to damages and he owns this vehicle. He has the final word on how the car gets fixed.

This does not mean that he is able to go to the most expensive facility or that you have to pay him ridicules amounts of money. The keyword above is "reasonable." It must be within reason - the cost must be similar to what a bodyshop would charge.

Good Luck,
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