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Mom hits someone | they laywered up

by Adam

My mom was in a traffic accident a few days ago(her fault), the other driver was taken to the hospital (checked and released) her insurance co tried to contact them and they said "he was back in the hospital to contact there lawyer".

My question, my mom is afraid that her policy will not cover everything. what could happen if that was the case?


Hello Adam,

The insurance company owes your mom a duty to defend and to protect her interest. They also must provide her with an attorney should it be necessary.

However, this only happens if your mom is suit or there is strong indication that she will. This is too early to tell. It all depends on how bad was the accident.

The only way you can have problems if if your limit of liability is too low (say 10,000) and the damages + medical bills are over that amount. Then she would would have to pay for the difference between that amount and the damages.

It sounds like there are no issues in coverage (i.e. the bill was paid, she was driving her vehicle, etc.) If this is the case, then she should relax and keep in close contact with the insurance company.

Good Luck,

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