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Months Passed,But Still Car Not Fixed Because Person Has Different Story Than Police Report?

by Jenn.

My husband's and my vehicle were hit by a truck in the middle of the night while were asleep in our home. The truck damaged my husband's car so it isn't drivable, and damaged my driver's door as well as did electrical damaged that started with breaking the electric windows (they don't open) and now the AC has stopped working. I have a big family and we have been left driving my 1 vehicle with no AC and windows that don't open in this extremely hot summer months. With 4 children, it has caused much stress on us that is unbearable and dangerous.

The problem that is preventing the fixing of the vehicles is that the person at fault is telling their insurance a completely different story that what the police report says. Somehow the person incharge of the our claim shelfed it once he left that (the one at fault) insurance company and more than 6 months passed until they opened it up again when I called to ask why we haven't heard from them.

Nonetheless, the final agent in charge told me she needed to speak with the person insured by them again because her story was completely different than the police report, and IF they take her side and not the cop's, that insurance will not be held liable since her story doesn't make her at fault.

Is there any other way to get around this that won't break our bank since we did nothing wrong but sleep while a drunk driver (acc. to police report) crashed into our parked cars? I think that insurance should pay not only my car's damages, and my husband's car damage, but also stress-related compensation because it has been so stressful and hard for us because of this vehicle issue that our kids suffer since we can't take the baby and toddler anywhere in this weather with no open windows or AC. And my husband has gone through his own turmoil without a vehicle for months.
Thanks for any info.



You need to contact and attorney and file with the department of insurance of your state. If the decision is incorrect and not based in weak evidence and paperwork, the insurance company must advocate for the insured and unless there are solid conflicting evidence, they must document the claim very well before it is denied.

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