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Motorcycle accident and uninsured motorist coverage

My son was in a motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago.

While driving on the parkway an impatient motorist swerved around from behind him then cut in front of him swiping his front tire causing his motorcycle to wobble and hit the guard rail.

The driver did not stop, but we do not think she even knew as this was going around a turn. As a result of the accident he has a broken leg and hand.

I have insurance but I was told there is no help for me and I have to go through my own health insurance. Isn't there any kind of compensation through uninsured motorist?


Answer to Motorcycle accident and uninsured motorist coverage:

Well, there maybe, you do need a lawyer to see what the policy says exactly, and see if you have any recourse, see the form below to get counsel close to you.

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Do remember that usually, under your auto policy, an auto accident defines you or your household member having an accident with a motor vehicle. A motor vehicle is usually defined as a vehicle having four wheels. Your son was in a motorcycle with two wheels, but the was hit with an auto which had four wheels.

It is important that you talk to a lawyer to investigate this coverage issue well, as there is a possibility of having uninsured motorist coverage (if you had that in your policy).

Thank you

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