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My car is a total loss - please help

by Tuwanna

I live in Arkansas, and we were just recently hit by a tornado. Well anyway, the insurance company declared my car a total loss. The Kelly Blue book value is $5,000.

The insurance lady is not going by this. She said that she called some dealers to see what they would give for the car and so she just kind of took an estimate of what she thought would work. Can she do this, or is she required to use the Kelly Blue book price.



Hi Tuwanna,

I am sorry to hear about the tornado and the total loss. Usually, in a total loss, Adjusters are allowed to find the fair market value by fining comparable vehicles in your area that are for sale.

This usually is done by a third party company (Usually called CCC) where they go into the local market and pull all the values of the vehicle and compare it to yours. That is how the insurance company comes to an offer.

The blue book value is a guide and the insurance company will argue that they are national values and not based on real market conditions (where are the vehicles, miles, condition, etc.) so this amount is not really accurate.

In any event, the blue book value can help you as a guide if the insurance company is completely of. They don't have to take the blue book value unless there are not many other vehicles to compare with.


for more information about the total loss process.

Good Luck,

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