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My claim adjuster cancelled my rental car and I have not even finish signing all the paper work.

by Hollywood
(Los angeles)

I was hit by one of esurance holders and they were paying for my rental car up until they claimed my car was total.

3 days after I got a call saying that my car is total and this is the amount they are paying me they cancelled my rental car.

But I haven't even agreed to their settlement or signed anything. Aren't they responsible for my rental car until everything is sign and in writing?


Hello there.

Unfourtunatly, all they have to do is to notify you that your car is a total loss. From there you have three days to get yourself a new method of transportation.

It does not matter that they have paid or even made an offer.

This is perhaps one of the most aspects of insurance companies. Your state code only gives you three days of rental coverage.

Do they have to put it on writing? Most likely not, but you might to contact your Department of insurance and find more information about that.

Good Luck,

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