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My claim is under investigation, please help me

by Anna

My family got enemies and our cars getting vandalized once or twice a year.. and this time this insurance I am with put me under investigation.

The investigator came and took a recording statement from me and my daughter (who parked the car last ).. and now they are not satisfied with that.. they want another statement from both of as. under oath with their attorney present.. what about me?? what should I do?

Should I hire a lawyer ... but no one want to take the case until they decling me the claim.. so what should I do now??

Please let me know


Hello Anna,

Well, talking to an attorney is always advised. You do want to have legal representation as the insurance company will use the information to adjust the claim. The information you give them could end up in a fraud investigation if it cannot be verified.

Talk to a lawyer. Yes you will have to hire and pay them for this. The insurance company does have enough to inquire over this "enemies" and vandalism claims.

I hope this helps

Good Luck,
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