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My husband let his 17 daughter borrow have our car

by Patricia

She had the car she lives in Franklin county we live in Lincoln county my husband never got 2 spend time with her xcept once or twice a year fathers day usually, well when she turned 16.

My husbands parents who had always raised her from 6 weeks, started letting her come over, we just bought a 1999 ford mustang, had it 1 week she says i want that car, done but she never drove it her boy friend always did, they broke up I think in april or may 2009 well her mother who raised her let her out way 2 much.

1 nite we were coming from fishing in june 6 or some where along first week in june there was a bad car acident it was her.

Life flight comes shes ok other 2 girls carried off in helicopter. Well i beleive she ought 2 pay 4 the car i carried full coverage till feb,2008 then had 2 switch 2 uninsured only then my husband moved 2 his mothers with his daughter and never gave me any money 4 may car ins, but i started baby sitting the 1st day i went on line got me ins 4 2007 mustang plus 1983 camaro.

he was at his mothers so he should have gotten him and his daughter car ins well 3 days later he called me wanted 2 come back home so i let him added the 1999 back on, plus his truck so i need an attorney 2 help me with my rights ive never worked outside home hardly help please


Hello Patricia,

This matter is way too complicated and complex. You need a local attorney to help you. To find an attorney please see:

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