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My Insurance won't call me back

by Joanne

I reported a claim to my insurance company and they will not call me back. I only have liability insurance with them. I was hit by someone who ran a red light.

There were no tickets issued that I know of. The other driver admitted fault to me but not to the police officer. Should my insurance at least get a copy of the police report and try to get my car fixed via the other driver's insurance company?


You need to get your insurance company involved. If the other persons is not admitting fault to the police and not ticket was issue, there is a good chance that either the other insurance company or the other driver will make it a traffic light dispute, in which case you will have a word v. word dispute.

You want your insurance company to investigate in case they want to come after you for this accident. However, your insurance company will only determine that you are not at fault and drop it. You then need to try to recover against the other insurance company, which they might settle with you or tell you to take this to small claims court.

Contact your insurance company again and make sure you talk to someone (manager or supervisors), you called and reported the claim, now they need to call you back.

Good Luck,

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