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My parked car got hit ... I only have liability

Two of my cars were parked outside my house. A drunk guy hits the left back side of one of my cars.

The momentum was so big that car he hit also hit my other car which was parked right in front of it.

So my two cars got hit pretty bad.

The guy fled the scene but was caught immediately. he was charged with a hit and run and driving under influence. the problem is that I only have liability coverage and the guy doesn't have any insurance at all. what can I do?

Any way to make the guy pay it? I seriously can't afford to fix the cars and besides it wasn't my fault.

Help please



Well do you have uninsured motorist coverage? That would be the best cause of action for you. You probably do not carry that coverage as you probably would have stated that.

Unfortunately, if you do not carry that coverage, then you probably will have to go against the guy yourself (small claims or a lawsuit). Talk to you insurance company and see what they can tell you. They sometimes can guide you at least.

Good Luck,
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Spokane Washington

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