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My son was a passenger in an auto accident he was the only one killed what are we intitled too. just the limits of the bodily injury policy or is there more that is required to be paid?

by MK

He was a rear passenger in a car with 3 others. the driver was at fault he hit another vehicle in a snow storm.

We are in the process of working with the insurance company now. we do not want to have a lawsuit, but I would like to know what we are entitled to since no one is offering any advice. Are we just entitled to the bodily injury max on the driver's policy?

I found out by accident we could also claim on our policy, an underinsured amount matching the bodily injury max. but everyone keeps asking about funeral costs is this something extra that they pay above bodily injury max. because we paid alot of the funeral costs out of our pocket is their reimbursement above the b.i. claim? I know about the Pip. and what is the time frame in which a company is to pay?

I am told I have to sign a release form before they pay is this true?


Hello MK,

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Wow, you need to talk to a lawyer. Sounds this is not an injury claim but a wrongful death claim. You could get limits and then the limits on your own policy, but you need an skilled attorney for that. Do not try to do this yourself. Seek legal advice (even if it is for only one hour before you sign anything).

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Good Luck,
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