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Named Driver Only policy (unlisted driver)

I reside in TX. I was involved in an auto accident and it was not my fault. The driver provided liability insurance to the DPS officer. I filed a claim for damages to my vehicle. An appraiser came and evaluated the damages. The Auto Insurance Comp denied my claim as follows:

"covered person" means:

2. any licensed driver, other than you, a family member, or any resident of your household, using your covered auto with your express or implied permission.

From our investigation, we have determined that the vehicle was being driven by an unlisted driver who is a resident of the insured's household. Thus under the terms of the policy, there will be no coverage for this loss.

The driver was driving a vehicle that carried liability insurance but he was not an "excluded driver" the vehicle is owned by somebody else with the same last name as the driver of this vehicle. The insurance company tells me this is a named driver only policy---and this guy is an unlisted driver not an excluded driver.......

I don't understand this.



Well, this is not an excluded driver, at least from what you wrote. Usually, if there is regular and available use by an unlisted driver, there is an exclusion, but that is not what they are telling you.

You are in a difficult position because it's not your policy, so you do have standing to fight them. You may want to file a claim with your own carrier and have them handle this. Also, consider talking to an attorney.

Good Luck,
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