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Need advice on buying car insurance

by Ralph
(Decatur, GA)

I live in Georgia. My 17-year-old daughter lives in Florida with her mother. I plan to buy my daughter a used car.

What would be the safest and cheapest way to buy and insure the car?

Should I buy the car in Georgia or Florida?

Should I register the car in my name, my daughter's name, or my ex-wife's name?

I'm afraid that if I register the car in Georgia and she has a wreck in Florida, problems could occur.



The vehicle should be insured where it will be garaged. (e.i, if she is going to driver it in Florida, then there should be a Florida policy). She should also be the registered owner so she has an insurable interest over the car and can carry insurance over it.

The best way to do this is to get several quotes for a car registered on her name for a Florida policy (if the car will be garaged there), if garaged in Georgia, then quotes for Georgia. To get good quotes, please see:

Good Luck,

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