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New car in accident

by Cameron
(Mechanicsville, VA)

My wife and I just bought a 2010 Honda Accord in November. We have less than 1500 miles on the car. Yesterday in a parking lot a guy ran into the drivers side of my wife's new car damaging both driver side doors and possibly part of the frame on the lower part between the doors. He admitted fault and it has been documented by hospital security where she works. His insurance company has already given us a claim number.

The issue is that we don't want this car now because we bought a new car not a damaged car. We are fine with the same make, model, year an everything but don't want a history of damage. I have heard of filing diminished value claims. We have not received an estimate on the damages but my best guess would be $5000. What should we do? Any help is appreciated.


Hello Cameron,

Well, that really stinks. Sorry to hear about that.

You most likely have a claim for diminished value. Even if your state does not allow for first party diminished value (against your own carrier), you can make a claim against the third party and/or their carrier.

See our notes on diminished value here.

Good Luck,
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