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New insurance, then accident 2 days later. What will happen?

by Person

We changed to a new insurance company, then 2 days later, 17 year old daughter was involved in a accident.

She changed lanes and may have cut-out another vehicle. No vehicle contact was made, but the other car lost control and hit a guard-rail.

Daughter pulled over to make sure the other driver was OK. Other driver did not have a valid license, and stated there were not injured in any way.

My daughter admitted to state police that she did not see other vehicle when she changed lanes, and may have caused them to lose control. They issued her a violation for changing lanes..... that we pleaded not guilty and will have a hearing.

Since this new policy was issued two days prior, I was not sure on how to approach this situation. I waited to see if driver would file a claim. One month later, a claim was filed by an attorney to our new insurance provider.

We talked to them and my daughter submitted a statement to the events of the accident.

What will happen from here???

Thanks for your help!


Hello Person (Is that your name?,

A claim investigation will occur. The adjuster will have to determine if your daughter is at fault and if so, pay for the damages she caused (assuming that there is coverage for her).

The fact that the policy is two days old may increase your rates, but it should not affect coverage as you were well within the policy period.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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