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No Fault in my state | contact time frame

I had an accident last week. A car hit my van, I was at a stop sign. My bumper is damaged and half off my van. I have liability only on my policy.

The other insurance company came and did a estimate the lady said it might be a total loss. Told me to call the adjuster and see if i can get a rental and see if they are going to pay for the damages.

Well my question is what happens since Florida is a no fault state will my van get fixed? The Adjuster said I have to wait until her client makes her statement of what happened.

Now how long if she doesn’t call do I have to wait for my van to determine if they are going to fix or take it? Will I need an attorney?



An attorney is always a good idea! Do not wait.

The other insurance company will have to do an investigation and in Florida, there might be some issues with the no fault process. They might only owe you your deductible if you had Collision coverage. Since you only have liability, you are better off talking to an attorney.

Regarding how long do they have to contact their client. Most states allow up to 30 days. If no response, then the insurance company must tell you in writing of the status (not very encouraging). If you have a police report, this could help you show that the other driver was there in the vehicle that was insured.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,

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