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No injuries, but should we ask for suffering payment?

by Maria

16 year old driver decides to merge into my lane in the middle of an intersection. His insurance company has not admitted fault as of yet, but it has only been four days. His father, a physician, has asked that we settle outside the insurance companies, even though I have notified my insurance co and his.

My question: Minimal body damage, No injuries, had my 15 yr old and 9 yr old in the vehicle with me, cars were pulling away from a stop light so were only going about 20 mph, have a loan out for the car...should I ask for only "suffering" compensation (he scared me half to death, not to mention my kids) since I am not in any pain due to the accident.

This of course would be on top of the cost of repairs and a rental if I went with the insurance Co. If so, what would be a fair amount for three passengers?

OR should I accept Dr's offer of about $1200 - $1600. Would you go for it? This would have to cover all repairs, etc.


Hello Maria,

You need to talk to a lawyer about this. You need to be compensated for your damages; however, "damages" are interpreted differently.

The damages to your car are one thing, but the question of suffering is another. Please see:

It's unlikely that an insurance company will pay for suffering without an objective finding of the fear (i.e. a doctor's report on which you cannot sleep, eat, or have normal life activities due to accident).

This is why "visiting" the doctor becomes essential.

Again, talk to a lawyer and see if there are remedies available to you

Good Luck,
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