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No license driver exclusion?

by Cristina

I let my mom drive my car which has insurance under my name, but the problem was she does not have a license and she got into an accident 2 days ago and hit 2 cars.

She hit 2 parked cars and one of them did not have insurance but was registered. Will my insurance cover the damage to both cars or will i have to pay out of my pocket?


Hi Cristina,

Probably yes. You are probably covered by insurance. Most auto policies do not exclude family members unless the vehicle is available all the time to the family member (your mother uses this vehicle all the time so she should be on the policy). If this was a one time type of thing, then you are probably covered.

Some insurance companies are excluding non licenses drivers, but this is a minority of cases (but growing). Depending what you policy reads, you will be covered.

Your chances are pretty good given the information you gave me.

Good Luck,

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