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Not at fault accident | Cash payment instead of repair?

by G
(Irvine, CA, USA)

The car is a 2000 Mazda Miata that was parked on the street. The car was hit by my neighbor who is insured by state farm.

My trusted bodyshop quoted me $2200.00 to fix the damages the right way. Can I request cash for this amount since my work keeps me traveling and I cannot do it right away?

Obviously, if the insurance company gives me less than that I cant send it to the bodyshop of my choice in the future.

Please advice.



Hello G,

It depends on whether you have a lien holder (i.e. bank financed) vehicle or you own it outright.

If you have no loan, you could request that payment and the insurance company will have to pay you. If on the other hand, you have a loan, they insurance company may have to put the name of the bank on the check. You cannot cash the check unless the bank signs. Banks do not sign this but rather apply the funds to the bank loan.

They can issue a check to you and the bodyshop instead, and you wait until you are ready (in case of a loan).

I hope this helps

Good Luck,
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