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Occasion Operator definition | Coverage Question

by Ben
(Burlington, Massachusetts)

I am a long time (20 plus years) customer of Safety Insurance- since 2 years ago I started to add my teenage children to the policy as Occasion Drivers to all of 3 cars I have. My family are 4: myself; my wife; my daughter and my son .

I already listed 2 of the children as Occasion drivers. My children live at home, they do not use the car for school.

Last week, my boy involved a car accident and was sent to the hospital by police. The policy is active.

Question: Is my car my boy covered? if not! what shall I do?



Hello Ben,

If you have added them as occasional drivers, they should be covered and you should not worry. Even if they are not added as "occasional drivers", they are likely covered as "Members of the Household" as they live with you.

Just about the only way your boy may not be covered is if the policy specifically excludes from coverage. See this page fore more about auto police coverage.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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