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our truck should be totaled but they want to fix it

by brooke
(graham, tx . usa)

A man pulled out in front of my husband when he was going 45mph. my husband t boned him. the other mans insurance is the one to fit the bill. the frame is broken and the engine is smashed. The body shop wants to fix it for $12000. We pay 800 per month on the loan for a 2006 f250 diesel
We can not let this happen.

What should we do?

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Dec 13, 2007
by: Casey

You need to dispute the value of fixing the truck. Look over the estimate and make sure they are account for everything.

Make sure they will paint the truck too to match the other color. Ask for a letter of Guarantee from the insurance company in which the promise that the truck will be fixed back to 100% and if the truck is not fixed correctly, then they have to fix it until it is (this is all to add pressure).

Also, make sure that you write them a certified letter in which you state that you will be making a diminished value claim (can make this claim only against the person that hit you and NOT your own insurance company). Start documenting the price of other trucks in your market.

Do not take the first estimate; have a second opinion done on how much will it cost your truck to fix completely. Many times, shops quote a dollar amount and then they charge 10 to 20% once it is done because of hidden damage.

Make sure the adjuster is taking that into account. We have couple of articles here that might help. Visit
for more info.

Good Luck.

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