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Owner won't contact insurance company

by Alison

I was parked in the driveway at a friends house. Another visitor to the residence parked on the street. Roommate at the house came home, drove through the front yard and attempted to squeeze between my car and the vehicle parked on the street. hit rear quarter panel on passenger side and hit tire. Driver is not the owner of the vehicle.

Owner will NOT contact their insurance company to state whether the driver had permission to use the vehicle.

What options do I have for fixing my vehicle if the owner does not call his insurance?

The insurance company has sent letters, made phone calls and has also sent a rep to the owner's house to try to make contact. Please help!


Hello Alison,

We do understand your frustration. It's a bad situation when you depend on them to call the insurance company.

There are couple of things you can/must do.

File an insurance company with your own carrier. If you have collision, they will investigate, pay (subject to your deductible) and then go after the person who hit you.
If the insurance company decides to pay, then you get your deductible back.

If you do not get your deductible back or the other insurance company does not pay, you can go to arbitration or file a lawsuit against the person who hit you. They owe your damages regardless of coverage.

We hope this helps

Good Luck,
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