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Pain and suffering | Hit by a county bucket truck

by David
(Houston Texas)

I was driving my sisters 2008 nissan sentra, my sister was the passenger, and my three year old neice was in the back seat on our way to wichita falls tx from Houston tx.

We were traveling down hwy 287 in Ennis tx at posted hwy speed of 65 mph, when a county electric co bucket truck failed to yeild a stop sign and tried to cross the north bound hwy to the south bound hwy.

As a result of that action i hit the brakes but slid into the side of them traveling 50-55 mph. I hit the top of the roof were the winshield meets it and was knocked unconsious for a second when i awoke I was crosseyed and dissoriented and my neck hurt.

I went to the doctor and after multiple ct scans and xrays was diagnosed with a cerebral concusion and strains to my neck and back. I have had a headache for 6 days after that and dizzy spells and very bad mood swings so I went back in and had another ct scan and was told i was having post concusion syndrome.

Iv also been seeing a chiropractor.

My question to u would be how much do u think my settlement should be, i was hoping to do this on my own without the need of a lawyer, but i have no idea were to start as far as a monetary number. If u could help me out i would be so appreciative, i believe my medical bills is going to range from 10k to 12k.


Hello David,

Well, it sounds like you have more damages than the ones you are representing here. It is possible that you have a substantially settlement on your hands. A cerebral concussion can be worth a lot if it is properly documented.

It is very hard to guide you without being able to see your medical records. Visit our pages on bodily injury for more information here:

Also, you should consider getting this eBook.

All passengers will also have a claim and it’s important they get proper representation.

The fact that this is a county might require you to follow proper procedure or your claim can be barred against the county. Some regulations require that you to give formal notice to the county so the claim cannot be honored if you fail to follow the proper steps.

Talk to an attorney about this.

Good Luck,

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