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pain/suffering for deer hit?

by William
(Johnstown NY)

I have been in an accident where I struck a deer at 60 mph. The impact was significant and really jarred my neck back and head (the driver side mirror flew in and hit me in the fore head).

I am not trying to take advantage of a situation but as a result I cannot do the things I love and am accustom too i.e. golf, tennis, etc. Is there a way for me to get monies for this?????

I was obviously deemed an act of god but stil am required to pay deductible....

Thank you


Hello William,

Well, no. Usually, hitting a deer is your fault (yeah, they will call it an act of good, but the fault indicator will be at "100%). The reason for this is that you failed to see the deer, probably were driving to fast to avoid a collision, and/or deer areas are usually marked, so you must be extra careful.

With most animals, you could go after the animal owner if there was negligence on caring for the animal, but since a deer is a wild animal (wild because it does not have a rightful owner), then probably you have nor recourse for the damages you outlined above. Talk to an attorney to double check.

Good Luck,
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Spokane Washington

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