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Parking lot accident | Fault Dispute

My brother's truck was hit in a parking lot by another driver who was cutting across the parking spaces.

The police office stated that the other driver was cutting across the parking spaces but didn't write anyone a ticket.

Now, the other driver's insurance is refusing to pay. Should my brother get his insurance company involved??

He only has liability insurance and is on disability and can't afford to have the truck fixed. What type of recourse does he have? Being disabled, he doesn't feel like fighting with insurance and I am trying to help him with some advice. We live in Virginia.

Thanks so much.



Well, you do need to get his insurance company involved. Parking lot accident are difficult to handle, but if you have a police report, liability should be easy to determine. You insurance company will do an investigation and after that decided if he is liable or not.

The other insurance company might want to go after him if they think he is at fault, and thus, his insurance company should protect him.

If that fails, consider small claims court.

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