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Passenger in Auto Accident - Settlement

by JoAnne

My son was in a auto accident as a passenger.

The driver was driving on a provisional license. Driver lost control and rolled SUV. Police report indicated driver at fault. Son was taken by ambulance to hospital for head injury . Was seen in ER,CT and x-rayed then released. Missed one day of school.

Total Medical Bills $4262.09 minus $1000 auto ins injury coverage. Agent wants to settle for $8262.09. Want to counter, thoughts?


Hello there,

It is very hard to give you a straight answer as far as value goes. There are many variables that come into play. It really depends on your jurisdiction, what kind of head injuries he had, and how well he is responding.

Make sure you are asking for "everything" you can ask for, as when the claim is settle, you cannot go back and ask for extra medical coverage (you already know this). Check for more information about what kind of claims and arguments you can raise that could add to the value of your claim.

Again, I wish I can give you a number and help you more in the negotiation, but I feel that any answer will be in accurate.

Good Luck

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