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Person at fault wont return calls by their insurance agent

by Ray
(Fuquay Varina, NC)

I was hit from beyond on 09/29/09.The driver who hit me was driving his fathers car. I called in the accident on the day of the accident to his insurance company.

The police came to the accident and we exchanged information.

The driver admitted the accident was his fault to myself and the policeman. No citation was issued.

His insurance company told me to get an estimate, which I did using who they recommended. The issue is that the accident is still under investigation because the owner of the policy will not return any phone calls to their insurance company.

What do I do? Thanks!


Hello Ray,

This is a common problem. Insurance companies MUST wait to verify the person driving the vehicle is an insured or at least is a person driving with permission. The policy is an asset that belongs to the policy holder and thus, the policy holder must be informed of what is happening with it.

The problem is what if they are not making contact? It leaves you hanging for a period of time. Some insurance companies will allow you to provide the police report and from that information pay the claim (if fault is absolutely clear). Some will wait for contact. They have to make a decision within 30 days of filing the claim.

If this is too long for you to wait, consider making a claim against your won insurance company under your collision coverage.

I hope this helps

Good Luck,

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Nov 05, 2011
same issue
by: Anonymous

I'm under the same situation except police didnt arrive on the scene because they wanted ME to get all the information. It was clearly the other persons fault that side swiped me. Is there written document that my insurance must make a decision within 30days?

my deductible is $1000 and cannot pay at the moment but agent said the person's insurance(if he even has any)will recover my losses. But I must wait for all this to happen. really depressing? its raining and because of the accident I cannot roll up my window. Can I do anything else about this?? (been about 2 weeks so far.

thanks for the help I'm thankful this site exists to relieve the questions boiling up in peoples minds. You guys do a great job relieving those in a difficult situations.

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