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Personal injury caused by auto on personal property

On 1/22/10 I had a incident that involved my friend's automobile on my own personal property.

The accident was 100% my friends fault and I have 3 people that heard (can witness) him saying exactly what happened and him admitting it was 100% his fault due to negligence to check his side mirrors to be sure He wasn't gona hit anything, also I have damage on my driver's door from him hitting it, and the damage to my hand.

This is what happened my friend was at my house working on my car and we were both leaving at the same time.

He was parked very close to my vehicle and I guess he didn't realize just how close he was to my car. He proceeded to leave without checking his side mirrors to see if anything was in the way.

As he pulled off I realized it and had to pull my door close to me so he wouldn't hit it and as his truck come by my car door a piece of wood attached to his truck caught a hold of my finger's on the outside of my car door and snatched them off, then throwing me to the ground after releasing my finger's.

I looked down at my hand as I was holloring in a horrible panic of pain and I saw my 1st finger was total torn in half hanging by a piece of skin. I didn't realize the next finger was also dislocated. I was hysterical.

He got out his truck n' came back to see what had happened and full of fear he said my gosh we gota get you to the hospital. He put me in the truck, and not thinking anything of making police report cuza my finger just hanging there I let him take me to the nearest hospital.

On our way there tho he kept telling me we didn't need to tell them what happened because he was afraid they'd try to say it was a domestically dispute between us and they could take us to jail. I knew it wasn't but would they believe us and I was hurting so bad and was scared if I didn't just agree with him well I just didn't know what to think or to do.

So I agreed with him and said it was a 4-wheeler accident. I wasn't thinking about the cost of the medical service I was going to have or who was gona pay for it at the time. All I could think of was the pain and what was gona happen to my finger. I asked him to approach his auto insurance with the truth and tell them he needed to file a claim.

He has told me they told him it should be filed on my Home Owners Insurance. How can this be when it was injured by his truck and it was 100% his fault and he has admitted it and also in front of 3 other people that said they would say so if they need to.

I am damaged for life now because the accident took off almost all of my first finger and the top part of my second finger.

The Dr. says I'll problem be outta work at least 6 months with lost wages, and I have a very high dollar amount of ER bills and haven't even received all of them yet, a lot pain and suffering, and gona have to learn to use my hand in a different way now. What do I need to do to get his insurance to pay for this or can anything be done about this.



Well, this seems to be a claim.

You were injured by the truck by the driver's negligence, thus, the truck's insurance company need to pay for your medical bills and your expenses.

The fact that you lie may bring some coverage investigation and SUI (special unit investigation issues to the table). You are substantially changing your story and that could exclude your from coverage.

Really, the best thing for you is to talk to a lawyer. You need help with this and it is complicated for you to do this alone. Please see:

I hope this helps

Good Luck,

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