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Personal Injury Settlement Question

by Matthew

I was in an auto accident dec 30, 07' i feel that i am well capable of settling the claim on my own with out a lawyer. I was rear ended when at a stop light on a hwy, the light turned green and the car in front of me went i was taking my foot off the brake when i was struck. the car had to be going at least 40, the road conditions were slick.

The driver had no license but was driving his fathers car who had insurance( same company as mine.) i called the dispatch and an hr later i was at the hospital. i could feel a fire in my neck, they checked me out with just having some whiplash a week later i made my mind up to go to a chiro, they took x rays and showed me i had a rotated vertebrae in my neck. i have been treated three days a week since then.

The first thing they asked was who was my insurance company I told them they said that i should get a lawyer due to the fact that they have had so many cases come through where the insurance company has convinced the patients that they are not injured.

i apologize for the ginormous letter but i need some answers. i have not stopped having pain since it started the only relief i get is when i pop pain killers and muscle relaxers. i just got off the phone with my claims adjuster and she offered me $715.00 for pain and suffering and lost wages.

I was made aware that this injury could cause arthritis later on. what should i expect and should i get a lawyer? Thank you for your time.



Matthew, you should always consult with an attorney. Most of the time the first interview is free and they will tell you what to do.

As far as your injury, visit

for all the claims that might be able to make. Your pain and suffering and your future medical pain must be compensated. Insurance adjuster will argue that you are not injured or that your injury is minimal.

The only way to really know is by looking at your medical records making sure there is an injury reported there. If the report says that you were not injured or that you were back to pre accident condition, then the adjuster will be much more aggressive. If in the other hand, your doctor says that you are hurt in the record, then you have a stronger case.

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