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Policy Limits and Personal injury claims

by Miranda

My father lives in Florida and he was in an accident about six months ago.

He was riding his bike and he was struck by a car. The car cut his arm open to the bone and he in turn had to have major surgery to repair the damage and physical therapy. Altogether his medical bills equal a little over $10,000.

That is not including his lost wages from not being able to work for more than two months, not to mention he still is having trouble using his arm.

He consulted a lawyer and just recently his lawyer told him that the man who hit him only had a policy that covered $10,000, an amount that does not cover all of his medical bills.

His lawyer said that was the maximum amount he could receive and I was wondering if this was the truth, or if he could possibly get more?


Well, you attorney is far more qualify than I am to answer that question. Technically speaking, you can recover damages for what the damages are worth.

In other words, you are entitled to all the damages this accident cost your father. Visit: href=" under bodily injury for all possible claims he can make.

The problem is when insurance gets involved. A low policy does not mean you are not entitled to more. It simply means that the primary assets of the person you are going against is that much. That person could have more assets above and beyond insurance.

A house, a car, a wage etc. Some people only have their insurance policy and after that they are judgment proof (there is nothing to take from them because they have nothing in the first place). Even if the person has something to lose, getting a judgment and collecting can be a major pain and be very costly.

You have to evaluate if the attorneys fees will justify going after something like that.

This is the reason why I say that you lawyer is really the best person to ask. If she/he believes that it would be to expensive and that there is not enough assets to go after, then you probably are fighting a losing battle.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck
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