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Possible accident | Coverage issues

by Michael

I was at a friend's house the other night and while leaving I was stopped. The man claimed I backed into his truck, showing me a small scrape around the size of a baseball but no dent.

We then checked my truck where there was no evidence of a bump in. The man let me go without filing a report or asking for my information.

If he wanted to make a claim later does he have a case because there is no proof that I was at the house or I was driving. I don't believe there was an accident but I would like to make sure this issue is settled.


Hello Michael,

People make claims all the time (they can get your license plate and this is enough).

Not being able to show that there was transfer of paint or that both vehicles had damage is important for your case, however if the other person comes up with a witnesses saying that he saw you back up and hit the other car, then they will probably pay.

There are many accidents where one vehicle has damage and the other does not. It happens more often that you think.

You can deny that this never happened and that you were not at that location (you do not leave there), however if the insurance company is able to verify that your vehicle as indeed at this location or that you have a friend there, then you dropped for coverage and your policy canceled.

You can wait and see if your insurance company contacts you about the incident (or his), in which case you can choose to fight (because you believe you never touched this car). If they never contact you, then I would not worry about it.

Good Luck,

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