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Post Concussive Syndrome | Insurance Claim

by Jon

I was hit in the head by a falling metal bar at a retail store. I believe I have postconcussive syndrome. The insurance adjuster has offered $5,000 for settlement.

I had read that symptoms could persist for some time. Is this a reasonable offer? Is there any general range of settlement in such a situation?


Yeah, there are ranges of negotiation. They will start with a low offer and work their way up. For more information about injuries and how to settle them, visit:

There are links that help you also with your settlement and how to evaluate pain and suffering. If your case is a slip and fall accident, the process is the same (as an injury in a car accident).

Since your injury can be severe, do consider talking to a lawyer. They can better asses how much you should be getting.

I hope this helps

Good Luck

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